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The History of the GIA's Diamond Grading Scale and System

Learn about history and origin of GIA and their diamond grading system that created and set today's international standards.


Diamond Grading Explained: the traditional 4 C's (Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut) 

Quality Classifications According to G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) the world leader in diamond standards. The 4 C's (Carat - Color - Clarity - Cut), all factors to consider that effect the 5th C: Cost!


Diamond Clarity Examples, courtesy of Photomasters 

Learn more and see examples of each clarity grade as how a gemologist would judge under the microscope. Images are courtesy of Gary A. Roskin, G.G., F.G.A. author of Photomasters: "The Definitive Book for Diamond Grading."


The Colored Gemstone Cutting/Faceting Process in Detail 

For those of you who are curious about how gems are "Properly Cut" from their natural crystals into the forms you are familiar with in jewelry. This Webpage reveals what most jewelers can not explain or show you. Most jewelers and consumers are generally far too removed from the process that typically takes place in factories where gemstones are cut. Consider when you are reading this that I will be showing you the process from a Designer Cutter's Perspective and not the factory worker say in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China or a number of other countries where gemstones are "native cut."


Troy Diamond Report - Global Diamond and Currency Market Guide 

The first Global Diamond Pricing Guide offering a "3 Dimensional Perspective" on diamonds international values: in "Your Local Currency," the "Gold Standard," in reference to the "Basket of International Currencies," and Every Diamond Classification's Appreciation & Depreciation over the last 1 and 5 years!   An essential resource for "Prosumers" and Members of the Jewelry Trade and Investors to monitor changes of "Real Value.