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Earth Mined Diamonds & Created Lab Grown Diamonds

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Mined Diamonds

Mined Diamonds

Natural Diamonds mined by man formed deep in the earth 1-3 billion years ago and transported to the earths surface in Kimberlite pipe volcanos. Mined in countries globally with 2017 mine rough production exceeding a 142 million carats valued at $15.6 Billion (2016 was 129 million carats valued at $13.5 Billion). Alrosa Group (Russia), DeBeers Group (Botswana, S. Africa, Canada, Namibia), Rio Tinto (Australia, Canada), Dominion (Canada), Endiama (Angola) and Petra (S. Africa, Tanzania) being some of the largest producers.

Created Diamonds

Created Diamonds

Man Created / Laboratory Grown Diamonds are diamonds crystallized carbon grown by man with advanced technologies: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), grown in an advanced hydraulic press systems to duplicate pressures and temperatures diamond grown deep in the earth (modern presses at over 1 million psi & 1500 degrees C) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) which uses microwaves to generate a high energy plasma in a vacuum chamber at extreme temperatures for carbon in cubic system to crystallize to diamond.